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Social Responsibility

Beach Clean Drive : Payyambalam

On behalf of Gandhi Jayanthi and Gandhi’s mission of SWATCH BHARAT students did what they can do. Students gathered at Muneeswaran Kovil and marched till Kavitha Theater in the presence of Kannur SP. At Payyambalam beach students did their best to collect and sort all plastic and mark biodegradable waste.

Poverty Eradication

Poverty is one of the major problems faced by India. Hundreds and thousands are there in many parts of the world that does not even have a home for shelter or at least a meal a day. We all should accept that we are lucky and we should be happy with what we have. Students got the household items from home and the same was given as an aid for the flood victims.

Humanity is of course divine it should be there in every student from their childhood itself and that is what exactly student did in GEM. Our students too became a part of Flood Relief by contributing things under GEM HELP in one or the other way.

Visit To St. Joseph's Disabled Centre

IThe students of GEM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL made a visit to St.Joseph’s Disabled Centre Taliparamba. The service provides some of the best care and support for adult Intellectual Disability,residential respite care and day services for people with an Intellectual Disability. Students got thehousehold items from home and were handed over to the organization.The students interacted with the residents of St.Joseph’s Disabled Centre and got to know about their personal life.To make the environment pleasant,the students sang for them,which really touched their heart. The students also understood that their parents should not be left alone when a time comes. Finally our GEM students made their day happy.