Charity and community service events are part of life at Gem. We are proud of the contribution that students make to a wide range of events that are organised at school level. It is arguably of equal importance that our students have learnt firsthand about the objectives of a range of causes. This exposure for some will act as a catalyst for lifelong support of a particular cause. Our hope is that, through their exposure to a range of activities and causes, our pupils will develop a sense of the type and scale of need that exists in modern life. It helps our students to:

develop an awareness of the need in the local, national and international settings

respond to identified needs, both as individuals and groups

organise a range of events that generate funds for a designated cause and through this develop their leadership, communication, administrative and team working competencies

appreciate the value of service

develop a sense of community

play an active role in the decision making involved in the distribution of funds raised through charity events

Through these goals we aim to ensure that Gem fulfils its social responsibility to the less advantaged people.

A visit was made by the students and staff of Gem to the Sree Mookambika Balika Sadanam at Payyambalam. The students spent a day with the inmates and collected their wishes. The GIS children made a wish fountain with these wishes and started working hard to fulfill these tiny wishes. They prepared many items by themselves and conducted GEM carnival with all its elegance and beauty. There were three zones - food zone, game zone and art & craft zone. It was the day for the students to be responsible and caring. The campus was crowded with parents, neighbours, relatives and even people who came from farther places knowing this news. Students were able to improve their leadership skills, money management and social values. The money collected from the carnival was to fulfill the dreams of children from Balikasadanam. Later, the Balikasadanam children were invited to our campus and they spent one day with GIS students. Their dreams came true with the hardwork of GIS students and the day brought happiness and satisfaction to everyone. It was a blissful experience for all the children. It was also our students' endeavour to bring smiles on their faces by making their dreams come true. This event provided a rewarding experience to the students with the gratification of helping others. Getting to know these wonderful children, in a sense, helped them to achieve the goal of contributing to others, which is the only real patrimony any person could hope to leave to another. Not only that, our students were able to learn a lot from them, including experiences about life such as being grateful and being genuinely happy with what one have.